Monday, July 7, 2014

The Libertines at Hyde Park

'If you've lost your faith in love and music, the end won't be long...'

Image: Steve Cook Photography

Fortunately both love and music were alive and kicking on Saturday night as The Libertines took the stage in Hyde Park.

Having turned up late to numerous warm up gigs it was a relief to see Pete and the gang swagger on to the stage bang on time. As they stormed into Vertigo it was too much for many, the crowd surged, flares were let off and security came running on stage to halt the music. A second false start shortly after had the crowd and group both frustrated. With the band urging the crowd to move back, and ironically Pete pleading with everyone to calm down, they eventually launched into their set again.

It was a riot of brilliance. The set contained hit after hit, Pete looked surprisingly with-it throughout (unlike poor Shane McGowan who preceded them), and the band seemed to be loving it as much as the crowd.

Don't look back into the sun
There were too many highlights to mention - Time for Heroes, Music When the Lights Go Out, Can't Stand Me Now, Up the Bracket, What a Waster and of course What Katie Did (sung especially for me of course).

Towards the end of the gig the music was once again curtailed as some nutters tried to scale the delay tower. It lead to some rambling on the mic from Pete and an impromptu but beautiful Albion.

Image: @DamianSamuels

The set closed with I Get Along, and Pete and Karl ended up rolling around the stage floor in a state of excited relief - the bond between the two clearly visible to all watching.  For Libertine fans it was the perfect end to a perfect gig.

The day was a chaotic, poetic, joyful, beautiful mess - exactly what you'd expect from The Libertines.

Without a doubt - the Albion sails on course.


Full set list:
Boys in the Band
The Delaney
Campaign of Hate
Time for Heroes
The Ha Ha Wall
Music When the Lights Go Out
What Katie Did
The Boy Looked at Johnny
Can’t Stand Me Now
Last Post on The Bugle
Love on The Dole
Arbeit Macht Frei
Death on the Stairs
Radio America
Don’t Look Back Into The Sun
Tell The King
Up The Bracket
What a Waster
I Get Along

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