Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer Fear

It's been breathing down my neck for weeks now. I tried my best to block it out for as long as I could, but as Martha and the Vandellas so wisely told us - there's nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide.

Believe me I tried.

And so here it is - quietly counting down the hours to that last bell - Summer Holiday Fear in all it's awfulness.

I know the holidays should be something to look forward to - no school runs, no school lunches, lazy mornings and afternoon outings... but if you work from home and school hours are effectively your childcare to allow you to earn a crust - then things aren't always quite so rosy.

Is it just me? Does it make me a crap parent?

The other week I lead a Google Hangout for Netmums on Surviving the School Holidays and came to the realisation that in fact everyone else is pretty much in the same boat too - muddling through on a wing and a prayer with a few planned activities and a bucket load of hope.

The very wise Becky from Baby Budgeting also planted the seed in my head that actually the summer holidays shouldn't just be seen as an obstacle for me to get through - but as an opportunity to ask my children what they wanted from the summer holidays. (It's a pity that roof jumping and Africa didn't make it onto the shortlist but heyho).

The recent unexpected good weather has also given me an added boost for what might be - so this summer break we are planning lots more of this:

Tunnel digging

Tree Climbing

Chilling outdoors

Getting up to some sort of mischief I don't even know about...

Open goals

Sounds all right to me...
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