Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Keeping on top of it all

If you've come here for a how-to on keeping on top of it all let me save you some of your very precious time and tell you straight off - I haven't a bloody clue.

Off you go now, and close the door on your way out - I'm afraid I'm too busy to get up and do it myself.

If you're still here you're probably a struggler like me. Some weeks or even months fly breezily past and you think to yourself 'I've finally cracked it. I win the game of life' which is akin to saying out loud - 'It's fabulous, my baby has started sleeping through the night now!'. Before you even have a chance to put down your coffee cup and smile smugly to yourself the universe wakes up and realises it's left you alone too long and your whole house of flimsily built cards comes tumbling down around you. Don't ever announce out loud that you have it cracked. In fact don't even think it. Those karma fairies are attune to all of it. 

Anyways, things were ticking along quite nicely in the Kate takes 5 household until very recently. I was on top of work, the house was tidy, the meal planning was done, the kids were still alive, I was managing to fit in some exercise and I even had a few nights out with friends. 

Happy days.

So how come I am suddenly sitting at my desk with a backlog of work, a croissant and coffee I hastily bought in the corner shop after the school run because there is literally no food in the house, and a list of to-do admin shit as long as the trail of dirt from the back door of the house to the boys bedroom? I have no time to squeeze in a morning run, I'm frightened of even opening the kitchen door as I know the mess on the other side will break me, and as for dinner...

My 'must do today' admin list has now merged with my 'very important' work list. 'Today' and 'very' have been underlined several times and for several days, and I am now forced to start circling them both in red pen instead. And if the task didn't make it on to either of those two lists...well, you can forget about it.

But at least the kids are still alive. I think. Though it is awfully quiet now that you mention it...

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