Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I want it all

Stuff. I want all of the stuff. Clothes, shoes, furniture, bedding, face creams, make up. I want it all.

Since moving abroad and back last year my ownership of stuff has dwindled to worrying levels. On the plus side the kids have no remaining toys left so the damage limitation on their playtime has taken a swift rise. On the minus side my wardrobe is worrying bare and I only have four dinner plates.

Unfortunately for me there is a little known but direct correlation between the amount of funds you have available and the amount of things you see that you 'need' to buy. I like to call it 'Paupers Law'. Ever gone shopping on payday only to come home with nothing at all? What about when you are penniless but accompany your friend on a tour of the highstreet and find that every single shop has read your mind and is crammed full of all your favourite clothes? Yep, that'll be Paupers Law at play.

To add insult to the injury of my wounded needs I have spent much of the last few months putting together galleries of 'stuff' for various websites. This is akin to self-flagellation with a empty handbag that you don't even own. Not to be recommended.

Anyway, I can't leave you without passing on my latest collection of wants. And you know what they say - a want shared is a want halved, or something like that.

Or you never know - perhaps I'll win the lottery. *

In life simple is best

*Must start doing the lottery
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