Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Listography - Guilty Pleasures II

This week the Listography batton has been passed from Jayne at Mums the Word (thanks Jayne!) to Anya at Older Single Mum.

Anya's been dragging up the ghosts of Guilty Pleasures Past and Present, now all we need is some Future ones and she will have a full on Guilty Pleasures Christmas Carol on her hands.

Of course I've admitted all mine before (Past), but to be fair most of them have changed now. So on to the Present: I'll keep the guys in guyliner thank you very much (1), but I'll ditch the rest for a bit of Zane from One Direction (2), Barbeque Beef Super Noodles (3), posting pictures of Spanish sunkissed sights on Facebook, in November (4) and embarrassing my kids in public (5).

And now here's a gratuitous picture of Caleb from Kings of Leon - who is neither wearing guyliner nor Zane from One Direction. But it's still an awesome picture, which I like oggling from time to time.

Caleb, Kings of Leon

Oops, guilty again...

So quick, head on over to Older Single Mum to read her list and add your own.
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