Monday, November 25, 2013

Create Your Own Micro Scooter - A Review

Psst! Have you heard that there is a new scooter in town?

He is very cool, very stylish, very street and totally unique. And best of all....he's from Micro Scooters, so you know you are in safe hands.

After much cajoling, many requests and just a little bit of tickling, Micro Scooters have finally launched their new bespoke service - Create your own Mini or Maxi Scooter!

Ta dah!!

For the first time ever you get to choose every part of your scooter, from each of the handles, to the stem, the deck and mud guard.

We have been lucky enough to road test one the very first models and here it is!

See the adoring look on his face?

I can't actually tell you how long it took us to settle on this design - lets just say the discussion was heated and involved the entire family. We did have a lot of fun with it though.

I do however have a word of advice - don't let a 5 year old choose his own colours without agreeing vetoing rights first. *Shudders at memory of colour clash*

Anyway, clearly I won this battle.

Baxter had recently outgrown his Mini Micro, (to be fair he had used it every day for the past 18 months), and was getting increasingly annoyed about his scooterless status - especially seeing as there's a skate park right outside his new school.

So as you can see he is pretty happy with the new addition to our scooter family.

Finally he can show off his scooter with pride, alongside his sister

...and brother

We're obviously big fans of Micro Scooters in this house. We've tried and tested plenty of other models over the years but these are without doubt the ones I would recommend to anyone looking for a scooter that will pass the test of time, be loved by their kids and look damn good to boot. (They also don't deafen you with a clackity, clackity, clackity sound as you travel down the street together. This guy is smoooooth).

Each part is simply perfectly perfect...

Different colour handles? Not a problem with Create Your Own

As if all that wasn't good enough Micro Scooters have outdone themselves with some incredible ideas I'm here to share with you. First up my absolute favourite: Scooter Aid. If you have an old or broken Micro Scooter or are planning on upgrading your kids scooter at Christmas then you need to know about this initiative.

Basically Micro Scooter are revamping all our old scooters and sending them to not-so-fortunate kids in the UK and Africa. You only have to take one look at these kids in an orphanage in Africa to see what an amazing idea this is. Getting involved in incredibly easy so do pop over and share the info with everyone you know.

So, if you're here wondering whether you should go ahead and buy a Micro Scooter or not, all I can say is DO IT!!

But just teach your little ones a bit about colour combinations before you set them loose on the Create Your Own...

Other things Micro Scooter are up to include:

-          Scooters for Schools
o   Earn money or scooters for your school all year round!  Micro Scooters’ new scheme allows schools the chance to secure scooters for use in school.  10% of every order placed on their website that quotes your school’s unique code will be donated back to your school.  Your school can then exchange the money earned for scooters.  Sign up your school here
-          Scoot Safe
o   A comprehensive scheme teaching children how to scoot safely. Offering training to schools as well as the opportunity for parents to download the material for free and teach it at home themselves. Visit
-          Micro Adventures

o   A one-stop shop for all things scooter! Find places to scoot near you, get inspiration and ideas on games to play on your scooter as well as tips and tricks on how to decorate it. Visit


Disclaimer: This post is a review of Micro Scooter Create your own Maxi Scooter. The scooter was supplied free of charge for the purposes of the review. All words and opinions are my own. 

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