Friday, October 18, 2013

'You're the best mum in the world' - A Skylanders SWAP Force review

A review of the new Skylanders SWAP Force. 

You could say there was just a little bit of excitement in the house when the new Skylanders SWAP Force game arrived on the doorstep.

The original Skylanders game was a big hit the second my kids laid their grubby mitts on it. It was followed by Skylander Giants which they also played til their fingers bled (well they would have done if I had let them anyway).

As a parent the thing I always loved about Skylanders was that you could keep adding to the character collection, which meant that the kids didn't bore of the game like so many others. And that is why I love the new Skylanders SWAP Force best of all!

Wash Buckler and Blast Zone

The new characters come with ‘swapability’ which means that their heads and bodies can be swapped with other characters from the range. So just 2 characters in fact gives you 4 different combinations, and if you collect all 16 that’s, um, *counts on fingers* - a lot. Actually I’m reliably informed that it is 250 different combinations, but feel free to come back and prove me wrong on that one – you know, if you have too much time on your hands or something.


SWAP force in action!

Also a major parent plus point is that the old characters still work with the new game – so their collection to date is still valid. Plus - their abilities and upgrades earned previously still apply, which is, apparently, very important when you are 7. 

As is the fact that they can - wait for it - now jump. Actually it's probably best to let you see what the boys thought of the whole thing - I'm not sure I could actually give full merit to the excitement involved simply by writing about it.

The Skylanders SWAP Force starter pack includes three characters (two new Skylanders SWAP Force characters Blast Zone and Wash Buckler, and one Series 3 Skylanders character Ninja Stealth Elf), a new Portal of Power®, collectible cards and a full featured video game that players can complete from beginning to end, out of the box.

Stealth Elf

     For more information go to The Skylander SWAP Force starter pack retails at £79.99. 


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