Sunday, September 8, 2013

What my 9 year old daughter knows (and you should too)

A few months while ago in an airport in America I inadvertently had a conversation with my daughter about the evils of a certain conglomerate company. I was slightly jet lagged and slightly bored and so were the kids, so as we sat around listlessly waiting for our next flight I commented on the bottle of water the 9 year old was drinking from - or more speciically - who produced it.

Although the conversation quickly left my sleep adled mind the topic had a profound affect on my daughter, as it should really on all of us, although I fear that as adults we are now so used to the conversation that it fails to shock us as it should anymore.

My 9 year old showed me a short post she had written not long after that and I promised to put it on my blog (and then promptly forgot).

Then this morning on Twitter @janey_uk tweeted a link to David Mitchell's article in The Guardian about the unlikely union of Google with Nestle. He states 'So it's odd that it (Google) would voluntarily couple one of its products with that of a company with a shameful history of wringing money from the poorest people on earth.'

I was immediately reminded of my daughters piece and promised her that I would publish the post, absolutely definitely today. 

Later today at lunch I was given the final reminder to pull my finger out:

So here it is - take it away Kaya....

NestlĂ© are a big company, who own lots of different things. For example things like... cereals, chocolate, biscuits, and water. They also sell baby milk. And a horrible thing they do is they lie and trick the mothers that are poor. They tell a lie and say to the mothers that their milk is better than breast milk. (It's not actually better they're just faking). But the mothers just love their baby's to bits, and they're just trying to do the right thing. But they don't know they're being tricked so they think that giving their baby Nestle's milk is the right thing!  ( but it's not! especially as they need to use bad water to mix it with) so basically they're spending all their money on milk that's not as good  for their baby instead of getting milk that's free and good for their baby.

So please - Don't buy NestlĂ©!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Kaya
Age   9

So there it is - a very simplified version maybe but it pretty much nails it all the same. For more in-depth information on this (and it really is worth educating yourself about it) read this post from my lovely blogging friend Thinly Spread who has worked with Save the Children on this very topic. Jaw dropping stuff. 

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