Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Worst day EVER

'Baxter put your jumper on before you go outside'

'It's not cold. I don't want to'

'Put it on.'

'I don't want to'

'Put it on or you're not going outside'

'I DON'T WANT TO! Urgh! This is the worst day EVER!'


'Mum! Can I take the ladder out of the shed?'

'No Marley. It needs to stay there'

'But I need the shed for my den...'

'I said no Marley'.

'I hate you! This is the worst day EVER!'


'Can I play the playstation?'

'No Marley, the others are watching telly'

'It's so not fair! I'm never allowed to play Playstation. This is the worst day EVER!'


'No Baxter you can't take the marbles to Playschool'

'But Mummy....'

'I said no Baxter'

'Urgh! This is the worst day EVER!'


'So how was playschool today Baxter'

'It was ok. What's for my snack?'

'Well I bought you a doughnut'

'Yay! A doughnut! This is the best day EVER!'

And you thought parenting was a thankless task.

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