Sunday, February 3, 2013

#TeamHonk - What's it all about?

This weekend my best blogging buddy Penny from Alexander Residence packed her bags and set off with two other much loved bloggers - Mummy Barrow and Mammasaurus - to begin their trip to Ghana as part of Comic Reliefs celebrations of being 25 years old this year.

They will be visiting some of the places in Ghana that have been helped by the funds collected by Comic Relief during those 25 years and would love you to be part of the journey. They have even kidnapped a secret celebrity to bring along as an added incentive...and no I don't know who it is yet.

To find out more and to be part of this momentous trip pop over to their dedicated TeamHonk website that will be full of updated of their travels, videos of what they've seen and lots of heartwarming stories of the people they meet.

There are also lots of ways that you can get involved - from sharing posts to raising funds. Be sure to pay them a visit and give them a virtual cheer from the sidelines.

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