Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sexy Lady

Last weekend myself and the kids got a rare invite for Sunday Lunch at my mothers house.

She does the best roast, but sadly I never had the best behaved kids so
my brother seems to profit from my share of the invites.

But as my husband was away for the weekend she took pity on us and opened her doors - making sure to move all the breakable objects first.

'He's a breaker' she whispered to my sister as the four year old passed nonchalantly through the door.

I hissed in each of their ears to behave this time 'or else'. It seemed to be working. The kids were a joy - munching their way through their roast beef and on to their pudding.

Just as the sugar rush hit I saw the four year old's eyes sparkling with mischief.
'More milk!' he announced to me shoving his glass in my face.

'Excuse me?' I replied giving him daggers. 'How do we ask properly?'

'More milk sexy woman!' he shot back louder than necessary.

Silence descended. Think that might be our last invite for another year...

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