Friday, February 1, 2013

Batman and New Years Eve - A Review

Over Christmas Warner Brothers sent us a couple of movies to review. You wouldn't think it would take a whole month to get around to watching them. I even missed the cue of New Years Eve to watch, um, New Years Eve.

However the situation has now been remedied and after reclaiming the TV from Disney XD and Peppa Pig we have finally watched both movies. Well done us.

The first - Batman: The Dark Knight Rises was a bit long but entertaining all the same. Christian Bale makes a great Batman, although every time he puts on his Batman voice it reminded me of the cinema voiceover guy. You know the one -deep husky tones that sound a bit like a sexy crank caller. Other than that though it ticked all the Batman boxes.

Anne Hathaway who has never been my favourite actress was, I have to admit, pretty awesome as Catwoman. I nearly changed my opinion of her completely, but then this week I saw her Golden Globe acceptance speech for Le Mis and - bang! - she was back on my 'I don't know why I hate her but I do' list. Miaow. I'm sure she'll get over it though.

Anyway, thumbs up for the movie as a bit of escapism on a cold wet January night.

The second movie was New Years Eve. You only have to read the cast to know what you are getting here. Sarah Jessica Parker...Zac Efron...Jessica Biel...Ashton Kutcher... - it's a lighthearted fluffy chick flick and if that's what you're into then you are bound to enjoy it.

I can't say I loved this film, I may even have cringed my way through some of it, but if you'd like to have a look into the lives of some beautiful strangers on New Years Eve in New York and you're not an aging cynic like me then go for it!

Disclosure: Warner Bros. sent me these films for the purposes of this review. 
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