Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Would you do this?

Amazing what we'll do for money isn't it?

You know that really annoying lottery advert where different people are telling us all the things they would do to for a million quid? Like dancing naked in the rain in front of your father in law or sticking your head in a cannon as it's about to be lit.

Well I had my very own taste of it today, although the recompense wasn't quite in line with a lottery win.

Today I agreed to appear in the National Press in - wait for it - NO MAKE-UP.

I know. Scary.

So here it is - not as bad as I expected, but I suspect the photographer took pity on me. Or the paper didn't want to scare away it's readers. Either way - I'll be waiting for that cheque now thank you very much.

I have some rather heavy foundation to purchase.

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