Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The perils of not listening to your child at homework time

'Porridge and gravy are the same thing right?' asks the 8 year old biting the end of her pen while I'm busily typing.

'What? Yes.' I say distracted, 'No! I mean no. Of course they're not the same thing'.

'Oh. Does it match with 'frighten' then?'





'NO! Jeez come on, you should know they're not even close to the same thing.'

She puts down her pen pondering and goes through her list again.

'Are you sure it's not bravery?'

'Bravery? I didn't hear that one. But no, not bravery'.

'That's weird. I really thought courage and bravery were the same thing'

'Huh? What happened to porridge and gravy?'

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