Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Green Door Bookshop - Where all the best books live

Do you ever get confused choosing books for your little ones? Or would you like to buy books as presents for children you know but don't know where to start looking?

Well then The Green Door Bookshop is where you need to head to - and best of all it's just a click away.

Filled with the most gorgeous looking books you can imagine it manages to get you all excited over children's books all over again. I'm very pleased to report that it is the complete antithesis of Amazon.

We were lucky enough to be given three beautiful books by The Green Door Bookshop - one for each of the children.

Kaya who is 8 got the most beautiful version of Pippi Longstockings which has been given a makeover by Lauren Child of Charlie and Lola fame:

I just love this book. Currently available for £6.39 it is an absolute bargain.

Marley (6) was sent A Drove of bullocks, one of a series of ingenious books that teach your child (and you) what a collection of different animals are called. You probably already know 'a pride' of lions but how about 'an embarrassment' of pandas?! Or my favourite - 'a loveliness' of ladybirds. Very cleverly illustrated to help you remember, these books are unique, educational but most importantly fun. Another gold star for Green Door.

Finally Baxter was sent My first car was red. My husband fell in love with this book as soon as he saw it, but sadly the four year old didn't. For whatever reason it didn't tick his boxes so we are passing it on to be loved by someone else, much to my husbands dismay.

If you're looking to update your child's library or want to give a present that will last this Christmas I would highly recommend a look around Green Door Bookshop. Run by the lovely Caroline who has a deep love of books and writing, she has handpicked an absolutely gorgeous collection. If you'd like to know more about her pop over to Dorkymum who currently has a guest post up by the lovely lady herself.


Disclosure: I was sent the three books shown here for the purposes of this review. All words and opinions are my own. 
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