Thursday, November 22, 2012

The perils of kids TV

I'm currently sitting on the sofa with a sick four year old who yesterday was almost admitted to A&E. We avoided it by the skin of our teeth and already, just 24 hours later, he is clearly on the mend.

Usually at this time he's in playschool so we don't get a chance to snuggle on the sofa watching morning telly. This has it's advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand I don't get the snuggles, on the other I don't have to listen to Dora the Explorer and her incessant questions.

I think the boy may be feeling the same. After being asked yet another so-obvious-it's-insulting query he shouted at the telly in exasperation 'IT'S THE YELLOW ONE YOU JESUS ASS POO!'


So fortunately Dora has been banished from our screens forever for inciting my child to blasphemous bad language.

Now if I can just get the same reaction from Ben 10 we're onto a winner.

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