Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More than just a mum meme

Have you ever been stuck in a queue in Tescos with a screaming toddler under one arm and bumper bag of loo roll under the other? You're sweating from the exertion of keeping both under control whilst under the watch of the general public's disdainful glare and you want to shout at them - 'Hey! I'm more than this! I used to run a marketing department \ train horses \ live in a kibbutz'.

Or perhaps you were pushing a buggy, up a steep hill, in the rain, in your tracksuit, with two other whinging kids being dragged along behind you when you bump into an immaculately dressed women in heels and full make up who is trying her best to dodge past you and your rabble with the least chance of actually touching any of you. 'Hey, back off lady!' you want to yell. 'I've been in your shoes you know. One day you'll remember me when you look in the mirror and see sick on your shoulder and hairs on your chin.'

The possibilities of these scenarios are limitless, and so, for everyone who has ever wanted to scream at someone 'I've travelled around Peru in a pick up!' or 'I used to earn a six figure salary!' or even 'I used to wear clean clothes!' this is for you.

I want you to post one picture on your blog of you being 'More that just Mum'. Then come back here and link it up for all to see.

Here's mine. Not just flying a plane - doing actual aerobatics - loop the loops and the like in Australia.

And just to prove I didn't crash it...

So now I want to see your pictures. I'm not actually going to tag anyone on this but at least one of you better join in with me or I'm throwing in the towel here.

C'mon - it'll be fun.

Plus I'm nosy.

And I know for a fact that at least one of you DID live in a Kibbutz.

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