Saturday, November 24, 2012

A moment for Multiple Mummy

Just like in real life there are people that you meet online that you take an instant liking to. For me one of those people was the gorgeous Kerry from Multiple Mummy. We swam in the same pool of bloggers for the past couple of years and she never failed to raise a smile.

I was lucky enough to meet her a couple of times and her sweetness and beauty were even more evident in person. 

Then, in July of this year, tragedy hit when out of the blue Kerry suffered a ruptured aneurysm which caused her to have a brain haemorrhage. 

The blogging community was shocked by the news but, not being part of her close friends and family, we were unable to do anything but stand by in silence. I know many of us have said our own private prayers for Kerry since then but as she lies in her hospital bed limited to a squeezing of the hand on a good day this doesn't really seem like enough.

Kerry's husband has been an amazing rock - looking after their three beautiful children and everything that entails when their world has been turned upside down. He writes beautifully on her blog keeping us all updated on developments. And amazingly he always seems to find something to smile about. 

Having felt helpless for so long Liska from New Mum Online decided to pull all of our support together into a day of healing for Kerry. So today, Saturday 24th November is Kerry's day. We will all be taking a moment out at 10pm to hope and pray and send positive energy her way. It's all that we can do and I really do hope that it helps lifts the spirits of her friends and family. 

If you never had the pleasure of meeting Kerry this little video she did for Netmums 'random acts of kindness' campaign pretty much sums her up in my eyes. Always thinking of others, always beautiful.

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