Saturday, November 24, 2012

A dream delivery from Wine Isle

Sometimes this work is tough. Really tough. Sometimes I have to put aside my clean living for the good of others and write

Of course I couldn't write about it without tasting it first though - so Wine Isle sent me this:

Wine Isle Taster Pack

Want to see what's inside? Here we go!

The beauty of Wine Isle is that all of the wines are handpicked by experts in the business who have whittled down their portfolio of wines to 100 of the very best.

It's a fantastically designed site with some great novelty extras such as a 'Passport' that gets stamped each time you buy and to which you can add your comments and scores, and an interactive map that allows you to read all about the producers of each wine and lets you click through to their own websites.

There are wines ranging from £5.99 to £85.90 and you can buy just one bottle or multiple cases.

If you like your wines I can assure you could happily while away an evening or ten on there.

Over the next few days weeks I, along with my good friends, (of which there seem to be many at the moment...), will test all the wines supplied and give our verdict on each of them.

Some of the 12.

If you'd like to join in the fun take a trip over to Wine Isle and enjoy a 'virtual vacation to a beautiful Isle of 100 wines, handpicked by our resident wine experts from an already handpicked portfolio of 400. These are the best of the best - guaranteed to please the palate and the pocket.'

Tasting notes for each wine

Disclaimer: I was sent the Wine Isle mixed Taster Pack for the purposes of this review. All opinions and content are my own.

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