Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm going to Hell

One sunny morning about a month ago my older sister suggested that we, along with our younger sister, do a 10k run together.

On a high from finishing my first triathlon.....
See what I do for you T.C.?

....I readily agreed and before I knew it we were signed up to do a cross country 10k run. The good news was that it was only about a ten minute drive from my house so no traveling involved, the bad news was that it was called 'To Hell and Back'.

Granted my suspicions should have been raised then, but I had just done a triathlon for goodness sake - I could take on a pissy 10k across some fields.

My younger sister however was more than a little concerned. Not the fittest filly in the fold she was panicking about the 'obstacles'.

'What obstacles?' I asked oblivious to the problem.

'What obstacles?!?' she replied incredulously, her eyes full of fear 'the hay bales that you have to climb over, the  tunnels you have to climb through, the mountain you have to run over...' I think she mentioned something about car tyres and a wall but I couldn't quite make it out through the brown paper bag she was hyperventilating into.

'Ah it'll be fine' I reassured her 'they just show you pictures of those things to scare you'.

Later my older sister and I had a laugh at her expense - no matter how bad it would be at least we'd be ahead of her. 'And I'll be ahead of both of you' I cackled in my head whilst older sister pictured herself running over me as I lay face down in the mud. Nothing like a bit of sibling rivalry to get the training in gear.

Then little sis put aside her paper bag to mention that there would be barbed wire and electric shocks this year.

Oh how I laughed! As if there would be barbed wire and electric shocks silly!

And then someone sent me this:


So this Sunday we are going to Hell. I'm just not sure we will be coming back.

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