Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Holidays

Fourteen sun-soaked days and fourteen wine inspired nights have passed and with them this year's family holiday. And it had been a longtime coming after last years rain soaked Welsh fiasco. 

Thankfully this holiday was everything that a holiday should be.

Eating paella at a beachside shack. 

Morning swims followed by fresh coffee.

Reading an unputdownable book in the shade of a palm tree.

Inflatable crocodiles gliding in the pool.

Overflowing bowls of fresh cherries and sweet melon.

Real coke in glass bottles.

A warm breeze on bare stomach.

Exploring unknown cobblestone streets.

Painting toenails by the pool.

Somersaults and learning to dive.

Cold beers in the hot sun.

Swimming under and over waterfalls. 

Time. To relax, reflect, recharge, reevaluate. 

Great company and plenty of helping hands. 

A big thanks to my wonderful in-laws for making it happen. 

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