Monday, June 11, 2012

A Birthday Graduation - with a little help from Party Pieces

The daughter turned eight this weekend.

Out go the Disney princesses and in swaggers One Direction, badly applied nail varnish and a whole heap of attitude. How did this happen?

Fortunately there are pluses to this situation. Gone also are the parties of twenty screaming girls on a sugar high playing pin the tail on the three year old.

This year we have graduated to a far more grown up affair. Two friends, a cinema trip, and a small tea party.


When I posted this picture of some party treats on Friday it got a ridiculous amount of attention. What have you been feeding your birthday children all these years if not these?
Party Treats
Pin it!

For anyone who had asked - they are indeed marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate and topped with a smartie. It don't get simpler than that my friends.

The table was festooned with a Vintage Rose Tea Party kit from Party Pieces who were kind enough to send us everything we needed and much more. 

 I especially loved the gorgeous bunting (that may never come down) and the little fairy cake flags. The birthday girl adored the tea party cake stand.

 So that's it for another year...

(Oh - did I mention the *cough* homemade cake?)

Disclosure: Party Pieces sent me the party kit as mentioned in this post. No payment was received and all words and opinions are my own.

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