Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A slap in the face from the 1990's

I was chatting with friends on Facebook a few weeks ago about songs and albums that reminded us of each other. It's funny how a particular tune can take you back to a particular moment - quite often a seemingly inconsequential one, but one that forever since has stuck with you.

One such song for me was Dee-lite's Groove is in the heart which I distinctly remember blaring out of my friend Emma's parents house as we messed around in the sunshine outside. Every time I hear that tune since that day I think of my friend Emma and that perfect summer day.

Coincidentally about a week after this Facebook chat that song came on the radio. Not being a recent release you don't hear it too often so I was smiling to myself driving along and reminiscing.

However my reminiscing soon turned to furious grimacing when the DJ announced chirpily 'Yep, hard to believe that song is twenty two years old now'.


Idiot. He had clearly made an error.

'That's right. First came out in 1990. Twenty two years old. Hard to believe...' And off he went into his next track whilst I was left hyperventilating at the side of the road.

On first calculation (in my old and clearly senile brain) I had thought that 1990 was actually twelve years ago - until I realised that I'd missed out the entire decade of the 'noughties'.

It really was twenty two years ago. Twenty two years. Older than I was when I was actually listening to the song outside Emma's house.

Twenty two years. A whole grown up person ago for fucks sake.

It took me a while to recover from that one. But that's the problem with hitting middle age - these little curve balls keep coming at you. Harder and faster and with more frequency each passing year. Whacking you on the back of the head as you walk down the street or knocking you sideways as you read the paper.

I'm not sure what I can do to soften the blow of the next one, but I've sure as hell stopped listening to that stupid bloody radio station.

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