Saturday, April 21, 2012

Listography - Top 5 wishes for my child

You know the Sleeping Beauty story where all the Fairy Godmothers bestow gifts to the baby Aurora for her future? Well I was thinking what if (and this is a big what if) my daughter had had five Fairy Godmother wishes when she was born, and what if (I know, I know) I had got a say in them...What would I wish for her to be bestowed with?

So that's this week's Listography challenge - Top 5 wishes for my child. (I'm choosing my daughter for this one  - the boys will just have to get by on their charm and good looks. One of them could be in trouble).

1. Rhythm
Sadly my own family was not graced with great rhythm. A bit like Steve Martin in that 80's film 'The Jerk' who shouts 'Look Ma, I got rhythm!' when his foot starts tapping along in time to some music, it is indeed a cause of great celebration if we don't look like a tree having some sort of seizure when we take to the dance floor. The only solution I've found is to drink vast quantities of alcohol and bounce on the spot instead. In latter years this plan has been foiled by small amounts of escaping wee.  I wish for more that this for my only daughter.

2. Good taste in men
Please let her realise early that the cool ones are rarely the best ones, you can't fix the broken ones, and an A+ in DIY will become more of a turn-on than you would ever believe when you move in together.

3. Empathy and understanding
Learning that the world doesn't revolve around just you, that there are always people worse off in the world than you, that to help is to feel good and to never judge a person before walking a mile in their shoes will leave you living a life that feels like a blessing and (hopefully) you might end up quite liking yourself.

4. Luck
So much comes down to it.

5. A daughter of her own.
Boys are great of course, but then they get married and disappear. Except mine, who will probably be dropping off their washing when they're thirty.

So if you could bestow 5 wishes on your child what would they be?

If you're new to Listography you can read all about it here. To join in just write your post on your own blog, put the url of the post in Mr. Linky below and then visit some of the other entries so that you can steal their ideas for when the fairies land.

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