Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ageism, Size-ism and Name Calling

give peas a chance

7 year old: 'Who's the biggest person in the world?'

5 year old: 'Mummy'

7 year old: 'She's not the biggest person in the world, she's the oldest'

5 year old: 'Oh yeah she's the oldest.' Pause. 'And her head definitely isn't the biggest.'

7 year old: 'Her head's tiny'

5 year old: 'Tiny. Like a pea. Pea-head'

[They dissolve into a fit of giggles] 'Mummy is a pea-head! Mummy is a pea-head!'

7 year old: 'But she's definitely the oldest isn't she?'

5 year old 'Yeah'

7 year old 'Yeah'

3 year old 'Yeah. Pea-head'.

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