Sunday, March 11, 2012

Listography - Top 5 Cookbooks

Last night we had some friends around for dinner and I cooked this awesome dish from one of my favourite cook books.
roast lamb
Riga's Lamb

This morning having cleared eight empty bottles from the table (four red wine, one white wine, one Champagne, one whiskey, one port) I don't have it in me to write very much for this weeks Listography so instead I'm going to celebrate my Top 5 Cookbooks.

Tried, tested, stained - I love them all.

1. Leon.
A new entry and the one that the above recipe comes from. Gorgeous book, gorgeous food.

2. Jamie's Italy.
My favourite of his books so far. Hard to beat.
jamie's italy

3. Avoca Cafe Cookbook
An Irish institution. Especially good for salads and breads.

4. Rachel's Food for Living.
Another Irish entry. Ok she's annoying as hell and I don't know where that accent came from either, but there are loads of great recipes in here.
Rachel Allen
5. Delia.
Of course. Where would we be without her?

So what are your Top 5 Cookbooks? Linky up below to join in with this week's food porn.

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