Sunday, February 19, 2012

Listography - The Winning Mugs!

So mugs huh? Who'd have thunk it.

Last week's Listography on mugs was the most popular one I've done so far - just beating Top 5 Keyword Searches  by one last entry! 

And of course there are prizes.

Galaxy Hot Chocolate, When I was a Kid, Mary Poppins, and NameArt all put up fabulous mugs for the winners. If you haven't had a chance to look around their sites yet make sure you do - they are all full of gorgeousness.

You can see the prize mugs themselves on this post.

And now to the winners.....

For 'Best Collection of Mugs' the prize goes to HPmcQ who will get the much coveted 'Twitter Addict' mug.

For 'Most Entertaining Post' the winner is Midlife Singlemum. The Galaxy mugs and hot chocolate will be winging there way to you shortly.

The award for 'Mugliest Mug' goes to Reluctant Housedad for this beauty (you can guess yourself which one I think).  A Tweet Me mug will be sent to you to take it's place.

And the Best Mug goes to......From Fun to Mum for her very cool typewriter mug a la The Shining. I WANT.
I did however have great difficultly picking this one as I also fell in love with Thinly Spread's Grandmother's teacup which is exquisite. So much so that I have had to award her a runner up prize mug. Ladies - your Cath Kidson vessels will be with you shortly.

Finally - a huge thank you to the mug donors for your generosity.

So that's that. I can stop dreaming about mugs. Thanks to all who joined in. I promise never to underestimate your weirdness again.

*Note for the winners: If you could email me your address I will arrange the rest.

**Note for all: This Weeks Listography will be posted tomorrow. I'm a little drained after all the mug action!

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