Friday, February 10, 2012

A Disorganised Mother's Guide to School.

It's not nice being the most disorganised mother in the school. 

I can't imagine it's much fun for my kids either.

Each week sees me wheel spinning in the car park to get back home, grab the forgotten lunch bag and make it back to the school before the doors close whilst one of my children roll their eyes and look admiringly at Sophie's Alpha Mummy. Or else I'm furiously chasing the bus to the swimming pool because I've forgotten my daughters swimming kit for the sixth time this year. (There's been six classes so far). Or I could be apologising to the teacher because I forgot that I was supposed to be helping out with the Junior Infant activities. Or I'm frantically avoiding the headmistress because I forgot the PTA meeting again. 

Last week I hit an all time low as I raced in late to the class to bring my son to the school nurse for his immunisations. The other children had been primed and readied, mothers stroking down hair and giving prizes for being brave. I, on the other hand, had found the crumpled letter in my handbag when I was paying for my cappuchino and nearly inflicted third degree burns on the poor waitress as I rushed for the door. 

As I walked my son down the corridor he skipped along beside me holding my hand. Innocently he looked up at me with wide eyes .

'Where are we going Mum?' 

'Erm, eh, well, you're going for your injections darling' I said, giving him a quick side-long glance.

'Oh. Yay!' he replied. Clearly the preparations had been somewhat neglected.

In any case, every week I resolve to do better, and every week I fail. Which is why I need something like Parent Mail. The idea is so brilliantly simple that I'm surprised someone hasn't thought of it before. Or perhaps they have but I was too disorganised to notice...

Anyway, what Parent Mail allows you to do is use one account to track school activities, nursery payments, important dates (like immunisations maybe..) as well as being able to pay for school trips, buy school products and even partake of 'cashless catering' - which allows children to pay for all their school dinners etc by a card that they top up, instead of having to search down the back of the sofa for that lost 50p.

Clever eh?

There's tons more stuff that it does too - which you can see for yourself if you're interested.

Now if someone could just invent a website that schedules a time for me to sign up to this type of thing I'll be sorted. 

Maybe next week...

*This is a sponsored post, however all words and parenting inadequacies are my own. 

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