Monday, January 9, 2012

The secret to losing weight

I've found it.

There is in fact a secret to losing weight and becoming healthy and I'm here to share it with you.

It's called The Lardy League.

The process is fairly simple. Take one competitive family (or group of friends), weigh each of them, then award daily points for particular goals reached each day. For example ours are: drinking 1litre of water (10 points), having 5 portions of fruit \ veg (10 points), doing 20 minutes exercise (10 points), something else and something else (you can see I've been taking this very seriously).

At the end of one month weigh them again. Multiply their weight loss by their points acquired and find your winner. You can even chip in for a prize if you're feeling brave.

Sounds too easy to be true non?

Well my extended family has been signed up to this since 1st January and I can genuinely say I am shocked at the results. Currently I am horrified to be in last position so will be upping the steaks, I mean the stakes, this week.

So if you're feeling a little bloated around the edges, start huffing and puffing when you're climbing the stairs or look a bit like the person in the video below then you know what to do.

There is a Lardy League out there with your name on it - now go find it!

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