Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to make a complaint

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Having worked as a Complaints Manager for a Financial Services type company in a previous life I know a thing or two about making a complaint.

Rule Number 1 - Know your facts.

I kept this in mind when I emailed my husband the other day and explained that Ticketmaster still hadn't refunded the money from the The Felice Brothers tickets that we returned due to their cancelled gig.

'Could you ring them?' I asked in my best email voice. 'It's just that the home phone is broken and I'm not sure how much credit I have left on my mobile'

'Hmm, ok' he obliged obligingly. 'How much do they owe us?'

'€45.50. The tickets were sent back on 31st Dec to the address listed on their email and I sent it recorded delivery as they advised'. So far so good.

An hour later I got a new email.

'This is making me so mad....

Choose 1 for exchanges and refunds ‘cannot be placed unless event is rescheduled or cancelled’ – then hangs up
Choose 4 for a booking then press 1 for existing bookings. Message then asks you to dial another number which is the same one I have already dialed  
Choose 4 for a booking then press 2 for new bookings. Finally got through to someone in Manchester who told me to ring the same number I have already dialed. She confirmed they wouldn’t be able to amend anything in UK anyway as it’s an Irish booking but then tried to fob me off with UK customer services.

Have refused to hang up and have asked to speak to a manager…..'

'FFS' I replied, 'Tell them you want the refund AND tickets to another gig as compensation for all their time wasting'

Another hour passed.

'FFS indeed' came the reply. 'Not only did you make me call up regarding my own birthday present, you paid for it on my credit card and IT WAS REFUNDED TWO WEEKS AGO!!'

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