Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oui, je suis off to Paris

When I gave up work a number of years ago one of the things I hadn't factored in the loss of (along with money and friends) was a good old Christmas Party.

You know - the one time of the year you get your legs waxed, put on fake nails, buy a new dress, put on some sparkles and primp and prime yourself until you look like a gaudy bauble instead of some leftover crumpled wrapping paper?

Then you wake up in the morning in a foetal state, cringing into your pillow whilst trying not to barf on the baby.

Ah happy days.

Anyway, at the risk of making you all jealous (ah who am I kidding - that's why I'm writing this post) - I'm off to 'Gay Paree'  in the morning in order to attend a swanky Christmas party in the evening. I may even partake of a glass of champagne and stay out past midnight.

It's been awhile. Wish me luck.

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