Saturday, December 31, 2011

Listography - Top 5 Photos of 2011

Yes I toyed with the idea of top 5 resolutions but even with pressure being applied from a certain someone who admitted needing a 'kick up the arse that only Listography can give' I decided to give Resolutions a two finger salute and focus on happy times instead.

So the challenge this week is to go back through your archives and pick out your 5 favourite photos of the year.

Let me warn you - this may prove more difficult than you think. I finally narrowed it down to six and then had to decide whether to bump my beautiful boy or the only picture of me with my kids available.

As you can see below I didn't make the cut.

I took this photo back in Feb for this post for the wonderfully hilarious I'm so Fancy. It was then used for this article in the Irish Independant. A well used pic that brings back happy memories.

An old Silent Sunday post that doubles as my screensaver.

 My favourite picture of the year.

The one sunny weekend of the year which coincided with a wonderful camping trip. These happy coincidences never usually happen to us. 

A momentous occasion when the middle child started school and the 'baby' started playschool. I still whoop for joy at the thought of my free mornings. 

Now I realise that rather predictably all these are pictures of my kids, so my New Years Resolution is to start taking more pictures of other things - and maybe even handing the camera over so that I feature occasionally.

Now see - I managed get a resolution in there after all.

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