Monday, November 21, 2011

When does a niche become a pigeon hole?

When I first started blogging just over a year ago I quickly got addicted and furiously read up on every possible Tips and Tricks list and all sorts of 'How to' articles.

There were lots of experts saying lots of different things and my mind began to melt a little.

However the one thing all the experts seemed to agree on was the importance of 'finding your niche'.

I went to bed scrolling through ideas in my head for what would make me stand out from the crowd, what would  be my USP, what would I be the 'go-to' blog for?

Sadly I didn't come up with anything original so just kept writing whatever came into my head and trying to make it somewhat amusing.

And then suddenly, a year down the line, I realised that I already had my niche - short, witty, unchallenging posts that readers could devour in a couple of minutes before moving on to something a little more weighty, a little more emotional, a little more important.

And that was fine.

Sort of.

But then I started thinking...what happens when I want to write something weighty, or emotional, or important? What would my readers think then? If people came to my blog looking for amusing anecdotes about pubes in the soap dish and instead found an essay about the importance of young girls having strong female role models - would they run screaming for the hills never to return?

So I thought I'd ask you.

Would you?

And what about other bloggers - do you have a niche? And do you think it's become your pigeon hole? And wouldn't you like to break free every so often?
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