Thursday, November 24, 2011

What did he say?

So, after a steady decline my poor 10 year old car (which in car years is officially 70) finally died at the weekend.


How would I do the school runs, the shopping, the kids swimming classes and get to the doctors? And that was only Monday and Tuesday...

Not my car. Image from Daily Grindstone

Fortunately I live near family and my very generous brother offered me his car for a few days whilst we sorted ourselves out. It's bigger and better than my old car so naturally the kids were delighted. Especially the three year old.

Since then he keeps telling me, and everyone he meets, all about it. 'Swap car Mummy, swap car' he says in his very best speech.

Unfortunately his best speech is somewhat stunted so what he in fact says is very clearly 'Fuck car Mummy, fuck car'.

Hmm, sounds like Mummy has been partaking in some very inappropriate road rage doesn't it?

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