Saturday, November 26, 2011

Listography - Cartoon Characters from your youth

I was up at 3am or 5am or some other ungodly hour last week with a sick 3 year old and found myself watching Hong Kong Phooey.

Hong Kong Phooey!! Can you believe it?
Image: Screen Rant
Famous in the 70's for his high kicks and alter ego of a mild mannered janitor, Hong Kong Phooey has to rate as one of my Top 5 Cartoon Characters.

Now who can remember the theme tune?

2. Top Cat

To be fair it was actually Benny the little blue guy that was my favourite, but Top Cat has a special place in my heart, and after all it was his show.

3. Bod
I LOVED Bod. Looking at the small bald guy now I kidda wonder why. Did he even speak? I can't really remember too much about him but a quick check of Wiki gives the following mind nudge:
The character of Bod is a boy who lives in a town with Aunt Flo, PC Copper, Frank the Postman and Farmer Barleymow. Each of the characters have their own theme music performed by Griffiths which is heard when they appear.
Clearly I was a lot easier to please back then.

4. Mr. Benn
And as if by magic....
Image: Stuff and Nonsense
Doesn't really need an explanation does it?

5. Ivor the Engine
This was a real toss up between Ivor and Dillon from Magic Roundabout. Obviously my attraction to stoned out individuals started early. Ivor pipped him to the post though simply for nostalgic reasons - those remastered Magic Roundabout episodes kind of ruined it for me.

So that's my Top 5 Cartoon Characters from my youth. What are yours? To join in write your post on your own blog and then come back to linky up below. Hopefully I haven't scared you off with my ancient choices...

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