Monday, November 7, 2011

Kate Takes on the Skylanders!

A 'Skylanders' Review.

We had a Wii once upon a time. Given to us by my very generous inlaws. We used it and loved it until one day it stopped working. Closer inspection showed that a DVD had been inserted into it (number 1 suspect: Baxter Boy), even closer inspection showed that two DVDs had been inserted into it. Eight DVDs later I was left feeling both intensely annoyed and a tiny bit impressed.

So, our Wiiing days were over.

Until, that is, an email appeared in my mailbox asking whether the family would like to review the new Wii Skylanders game - and the Wii would be supplied to play it on. Yessss - back in the game!

Our shiny new Wii arrived over half-term with a Skylanders Starters Kit which included the game, the 'Portal of Power' and 3 Skylander characters.


As soon as BB was out of the way we set up the game and got to work.


The best thing about the game is that it's so easy to get started with. The older two seemed to automatically know what to do despite never playing anything like it before. There are a number of characters in the different 'worlds' that guide you through what to do and where to go.

Each Skylander has different powers and can enter different worlds. Meet Spyro.


There are 32 Skylander characters to collect. I know that not everyone likes this aspect of the game as it can mean extra costs but I quite like the idea of earning and collecting them. Plus it keeps the game fresh rather than them getting bored with it after playing too much.

Personally I can't really fault the game. 10 \ 10 from me.

And this is what the kids have to say:

(Not being able to fall of the edge is obviously a good thing...)

Skylander Starter Pack retails at approx. £48.99 on Amazon.  Skylander Characters retail at appox. £4.85.

Disclosure: All my own views, etc etc etc. 

Update: 06/12/12
Skylanders are still going strong! Both kids are enthralled by the game and we have been successfully using new characters as bribes for good behaviour. If you're thinking about this as a Christmas gift I'd highly recommend it.
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