Friday, November 25, 2011


Everything in my world is breaking.

First it was my car, then it was my phone (which I inadvertently dropped down the loo. No questions please).

When I mentioned my misfortune on Twitter someone told me to watch out as these things usually happen in threes. 

'As if' I harrumphed, 'I could be that unlucky'.

Cue burning toast from toaster that now no longer pops up.

Looking around the house I realise it's more than just these three things though. The downstairs toilet is blocked so every time one of the kids goes to the loo I have to shout 'NO POOS!!' at the top of my voice. 

Then there's the kettle whose lid won't open, the iPod docking station that won't play iPods, and the home phone that hasn't worked for about two months.

Sadly I'm resigned to the fact that eventually all these items will be thrown out to make way for ill afforded replacements, but that’s the 'throw away' society we live in for you. The problem really is that I don't know anybody who actually fixes this type of thing nowadays - and if they do how do you find them?

Fortunately domesticappliance repair services are considerably easier to source, but wouldn’t it be great if people started fixing stuff again? It seems to be a lost art, a dying role - I wonder if that's our fault and whether the ‘recession’ will bring back some of these skills.

Silver lining?

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