Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Easiest Halloween Decorations Ever

I've been seriously slacking in the arts and crafts area for the past few months. I chucked out most of the kids' paint, glue, glitter, random pictures and various other arty stuff because I was so sick of spending hours clearing up the mess following a 3 minute art session.

So last week when I was asked whether I would like to review Scotch Restickable Tabs - 'perfect for creating the ultimate haunted house and sticking up spooky decorations' I felt a little pang of guilt and thought it would be the perfect excuse to get the kids crafting again.

I had visions of creating the likes of this:
Image source: Here

And this:
Image Source: Country Living

Or even this:
Image Source : Here

But then Reality hit me over the head with her broom and we ended up with these:

Yes that is a birthday banner stuck up with Scotch Tabs..

So how did we create this incredible masterpiece I hear you ask....

Well all you need is:
  • Black card
  • Orange card
  • Scotch Restickable Tabs
  • Scissors

And now I'll hand you over to my helper and the rather dissatisfied birthday boy.

Eh voila.

The Scotch Restickable Tabs worked really well - they're like double sided sticky tape made of gel. They stick well, can re-stick without issue (which is handy when young kids are involved) and you can wash and reuse them should you wish. My only suggestion would be that they make the actual tabs smaller as we ended up cutting up nearly all of our to make them go further.

All in all a good, easy to use product. You can find out more about it here.

Leave me a link or a comment if you have any other great Halloween craft ideas (though of course mine will be hard to beat...)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all views held are my own.  

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