Monday, September 5, 2011

Want to feel better about your day? Here - read mine.

I should have known it was going to be a bad day when I came downstairs this morning and found cat poo on the living room carpet.

After three kids my gag reflex is pretty good. But not that good.

Then - during the mad rush to get school lunches made and the already misplaced school uniforms on - the toddler has a meltdown because, wait for it, he's NOT going to playschool today.

'But you get to spend the day with Mummy darling'

'NO! Yucky Mummy'


Having deposited the older two at school I popped around to another family members house (I'm not allowed to mention the person anymore - she's actually bribed me financially not to. Seriously.). Anyway - that resulted in the boy dropping a book through the banisters onto her favourite pot plant and her shouting brought on the fifteenth waterworks of the day. (You can see why I'm not allowed mention her can't you. Or him. It might be a him...Ahem).

On school pick up I learned that my middle boy who had started school three days ago had been slapped in the face repeatedly by the two kids on either side of him. And one was a girl.

Two hours later I collected my daughter whilst toddler had yet another tantrum and she burst into tears because her BFF couldn't come with us on a playdate.

So that's me walking through the playground with two out of my three kids screaming and the other one suffering from post traumatic stress.

The rest of the afternoon didn't fair much better as toddler had missed his nap and was reveling in his new role of the anti-Christ.

They're all in bed now though. I think I deserve a drink don't you?


I should have known.

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