Saturday, September 3, 2011

Listography - Things I did this summer

Way back at the beginning of the Summer Reluctant Housedad hosted Listography with 'Things I want to do this Summer'. This week he's come back with the suggestion of 'Things I did this Summer'. 

Don't ever accuse him of a lack of imagination.

That's my job.

Anyway, I've taken his theme and run with it. Here we go...Top 5 Things I did this Summer.

1. Baked some birthday cakes. 
For the first time I tackled something more challenging than a chocolate cake with smarties on top. And pretty chuffed I am too:

2. Went to Cybermummy.
And had a great but overwhelming time. Read about it here. 

3. Had some lovely family days out. 

4. Went on my first trip away without the kids.

(And just about lived to tell the tale.)

5. Went on a last minute trip to beautiful Wales
 (Ok so maybe that one shouldn't actually be in the Top 5 but I thought it deserved sharing)

Over to you guys now. Take a look through your photos and remember the Summer. You'll be surprised at what you've forgotten about and how much fun you actually had (though not if you were in Wales of course).

Here's the linky to add your details to - just don't forget to add the url of your actual post not just your blog.

Da Bo Ti.

(Big thanks to Penny at Alexander Residence for babysitting Listography last week whilst I was away. If you haven't read all the inspired Seasonal Survival Tips do so immediately. I mean - who doesn't need a Teasmaid and a large shot of gin before tackling back to school antics?)

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