Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Gallery: Home

This week's Gallery theme is 'Home'.

Easy enough you may think. The problem is which home to choose. (I hasten to add that unfortunately this does not mean I have multiple homes in New York, LA and the Bahamas).

Do I post a photo of the home that we own. That all our children were born in and that I still love?

Or do I choose the home we live in now - which isn't ours but is where we have lived for the past year and where we will be for the foreseeable future? 

Or do I choose my childhood home which I'm lucky enough to live up the road from, which my mother has lived in for over 40 years and still lives in today, which we visit weekly, which every Christmas is spent in, and which holds more happy memories than I could ever describe? 

Not really a tough decision after all. 

My childhood home that I wish was my family home but sadly is not. 
If you want to nose around some other homes check out Sticky Fingers. 

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