Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cybermummy Meet and Greet

Well it's the 1st of June which means that we can official say that Cybermummy is on this month. 

The only reason I am actually making it to the event is because of the wonderful Netmums who are sponsoring both me and the lovely Penny from Alexander Residence to attend. Most exciting!

So it's about time I joined in with Mummyshoes' Cybermummy Meet and Greet. Here we go:

Name: Kate Gunn. Actually in real life it's Katie, but Katie Takie 5 just didn't have the same ring to it. 

Blog: Kate Takes 5, but you already know that because you are here.

Twitter ID: @katetakes5

Height: 5ft 2. Just call me short-ass.

Hair: Long, dark, sometimes straight, sometimes not.

Eyes: Green

Likes: Food, drink, travel, books, 

Dislikes:  Cyclists, lateness, baby on board stickers...Read all about it here.

And the all important picture:

I'm the one on the left.

And if that's not enough Me for you pop over to my About Me page where I have an embarrassing little vlog - you definitely won't miss me at Cybermummy now.


  1. I have just had a look at your vlog for the first time. The out takes are hilarious! Nice meet and greet by the way :-)

  2. Thanks! Did you notice the slight air of frustration?

  3. That's great, and the vlog is really nice. Nice to put a face to the lists! Crickey, now I'm going to have to learn to vlog...might put that one off.

  4. Nice to 'meet' you. I laughed my ass off at the out takes on your vlog...especially the frustrated "urgh" at the end :)


    p.s. I must say your email box is looking lovely!

  5. Thanks SAHM - a rather fabulous blogger helped me with it ;)

  6. How cool, great vlog, very professional. And now I know who I am sharing a room and a sponsor with. Will have to watch out, you've got a temper ;) Okay you're excused, technology is sooooo frustrating.
    Cant wait!

  7. Promise I'll be on my best behavior Penny!

  8. Oh Kate! Aren't you just beautiful! I was going to say how much I liked your Jackie-O sunnies you are wearing with your other half and then when I saw the vlog I saw you have eyebrows to die for! Lucky bugger you are! It's a real pleasure to meet you in (sort of) person. Love the outtakes too. That sort of thing happens to me all the time, usually with the kids running around like nuts!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  9. Oh Anne you are far too kind - and may I add that I have a whole lot more wrinkles in 'real life'.

  10. Have not looked at the vlog yet, I see from the comments it is a must!

    I love the idea of Katie Takie 5!

    Mich x

  11. Oh Kate the out takes! Your camera has classic comic timing :D Really lovely to 'meet' you in the flesh, particularly as we're not back in the UK until the end of June so I'll miss Cybermummy this year - poo! Have a great time x

  12. I love it!! The outtakes are exactly how I would be doing trying to film myself! Technology and I are not yet friends. Yet.

  13. If I was a friend in real life, I'd say "G'day shortarse!" But I'm not. So instead I'll say "Hello Katie, I'm looking forward to meeting you at Cybermummy."

    Much nicer.

  14. Looking forward to meeting you Kate! Must get my M&G done!

  15. Kate...if we stand next to each other it will be are teeny, I am Amazonian! A full 10" between us! Loved your need to invest in a tripod! xxx

  16. Hi Kate! Can't wait to meet you....xx

  17. Although I'm not going to cybermummy my good friend Clare is one of the organisers. I've told her to look out for you, she's a good laugh and I think you'd get along x

  18. did I detect a 'FFS' being muttered under your breath in the outtakes? Very funny. I'm intrigued by your 'Likes'. 'Books,' you say. Most interesting. Read anything you'd recommend recently?

  19. Possibly...
    And Wendy - that is the f**king tripod!


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