Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to be a Rock Star - Part I

We're a music family. Rock, Indie, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae - you name it, we play it. The kids have quickly picked up on our love of music and they're current favourites are Vampire Weekend, Adele and The Beastie Boys.

So when the lovely Ane Olesen of Wire PR asked if we wanted to review Paper Jamz we jumped at the chance.  Paper Jamz are really aimed at 8+ but since our eldest child, Kaya, is coming up to 7 we thought she could give it a pretty good go.

Problem is she barely got her hands on it.

As soon as the 4 year old saw it that was it. He picked it up, quickly worked out how it functioned and started to play.

This was his first take - no prompts given:

You can play the guitar in a number of different modes - (i) with a song, as Marley has just demonstrated), (ii) 'Rhythm' and (iii) 'Freestyle' which allows you to play chords as you would a normal guitar.

Here's a little taster of Freestyle a la Marley Rockstar:

Jimi Hendrix eat your heart out.

I've gotta say Marley loves it and three days later it's still being lovingly dragged around the house. Paper Jamz retail at approx. £25 but can be purchased for even less from Amazon - just click this link: Paper Jamz. They also come in a whole host of different styles. Oh - and they're not actually made of paper you know.

Finally - don't worry about next steps, I'll be posting How to be a Rock Star Part II from my yacht in the Bahamas when he's rich and famous.
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