Monday, May 30, 2011

Final Listography

Nah not really. Reluctant Housedad is hosting this week and his theme, inspired by the 'Mayan Apocolypse that wasn't', is 'Finals'.

I thought I'd get in trouble of I didn't join in, so here goes:

Final Song
Cat Power's The Greatest. Listen to it. Now.

Final Destination
A year-long trip around Italy in a supersized VW Combi.

Final Dinner
So hard. I do love my food. However I have settled on:
Starter - A big bowl of steamed mussels cooked to perfection in a garlicky creamy white wine sauce and served with a crusty bread roll for mopping up the juices. Waiter - more Champagne!
Main Course - Homemade Italian ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta served in a sage butter with fresh Parmesan and cracked black pepper. Bertani Amorone 1975 to drink. Grazie Mille!
Dessert: Creme brulee with a side of pistachio ice cream (they don't really go together but how does one choose?)
Cheese Board: As recommended by the Chef.
Johnny Walker Blue Label.
La Fin.

Final Words
Oh my God I'm so stuffed.

Final Sight
My smiling adoring family below waving me off from below and my Dad reaching down for me.

Now that all doesn't sound so bad does it?


  1. Ah - lovely. Except the mussels - bleh! :-)

  2. Sounds perfect..

  3. My smiling adoring family below waving me off from below and my Dad reaching down for me.

    too beautiful.

  4. Final sight brought tears to my eyes Kate! xxx

  5. Very good missus! Like the trip around Italy, can I come with you?

  6. You had me for a minute there! I was like, last listography! No, it can't be! I then got a bit teary over your last sight. I am a bag of mixed emotions today! x

  7. Aw! That last part made me sniff. Very sweet.

    But I saw there wasn't any chocolate in the dessert, lol. Perhaps a side-side of chocolate fudge sauce!?!?

  8. D'ya know I was only thinking that today. Fatal error. I'll have some dark chocolates to go with my espresso thank you very much.

  9. Love your final sight! Beautiful.... We can only hope that is what it would be like..
    More importantly,,, the mussels and ravioli!! YUMMY!! Sounds good! Do you have those recipes?

  10. As Sian said yesterday - "We spend our lives in 3 states: Food snot, Food coma, Food Guilt." Ne'er a truer word spoken


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