Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zoobles Dee-light Review

Well you all know what a Zooble is right? Another craze that the kids have been trying to get their dirty little mitts on for quite some time. So when we were offered the chance to review a Zooble Dee-light (a light up Zooble) how could I refuse.

The package promptly arrived from Spin Master Toys and was even more promptly torn open :

Please ignore state of playroom...

There was a rather long discussion as to who should own the Zooble. The boy thought it was a boy as it was blue so he should have it, the girl thought it was a girl because it had pink lights so she should have it.

It took the marketing blurb to settle it:

We recently launched this new girls collectable toy range and already it’s building a buzz. 

These special Zoobles light-up in different colours. Curled up in little balls, Zoobles™ come to life when you place them on their “happitat”.  See them spring up and transform into cute, colourful animal characters to play with!  Press their heads and they’ll blink, wink or even wag their tail!  Each Zooble is unique and comes with its very own happitat where it can curl up to go to sleep, or spring to life on the hot spot. 

Each Zooble comes individually packaged and contains a little plastic home or 'happitat' for them to sleep in.

Now I have to say as an adult I thought they were fairly non-eventful - but what do I know? The Girl says she loves 'Sparkle' and when I asked what she loves about it she said it was like having a secret pet. 

So there you go - a thumbs up by daughter and confused face by Mum.

Disclosure: Product was sent free of charge for the purposes of this review.
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