Sunday, April 3, 2011

Listography - Now That's What I Call Music!

No, this weeks Listography isn't your Top 5 favourite bands or Top 5 albums. It isn't your favourite musical genres or most admired soloists. No, this weeks Listography is confession time.

First 5 albums you ever owned.

Ok, deep breath. Here we go (in chronological order):

1. I'm actually having trouble even typing this. Do I have to? Oh God. OK. Look I was 12 alright?
It was *sigh*  'Spanish Train and other stories' by, gulp, Chris De Burgh. I am actually blushing.
I bought it on a holiday in Bristol visiting older, cooler family friends and somehow thought this action would impress them. Cringe.

Can I come out from under my desk now?

 2. Howard Jones The 12" Album
I had only heard one of his songs but my newly informed 12 year old self could tell already that he was cooler than the rest of my collection (which is detailed in full above). Does it make it any better if I tell you it was on vinyl?
Didn't think so.

3. Now that's what I call Music...8!

8!! They're now up to 78. How old am I? To my credit this was actually a Christmas present from one of my two older brothers. With classic artists like ' Mel and Kim' and 'Nick Berry' what else could I have wanted..? This particular brother wouldn't know a decent band if they shot him with their fenders, unlike my other brother who, the same Christmas bought me.....:

4. Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense
It's a classic album which influenced a huge number of up and coming bands both then and even to this day.

Yep, and guess which one I preferred?

And finally (I thought I'd never get there), my last first 5 is........

5. Kate Bush The Whole Story.

I remember running home from the record shop with this on tape and being accosted by my big sister who seemed very impressed that her extremely uncool little sister had such good taste in music. She nabbed it and shut the bedroom door before I even had a chance to play it, but I remember listening through the door and thinking...'hang on a second, that's not what I wanted'. To my shame (and I have never admitted this publicly) I had got Kate Bush confused with Kim Wilde and was left sitting on the floor outside my sisters bedroom door bitterly disappointed. 

So, now that I have bared my soul and left my reputation in tatters I think it only fair that you do the same. 

Linky up by writing your Listography post on your own site and then coming back and put your details in the link below.

No cheating now, I'm counting on you. Don't make me look like a dickhead.

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