Sunday, April 24, 2011

Listography - My Wedding

So going with the theme of the Royal Wedding this week I thought I would dedicate this week's Listography to the other Kate. Not that I want to hog her limelight or anything - there's plenty of room in this world for the two of us. No, I just thought I'd offer some friendly wedding advice - one Kate to another - based on my own personal experiences.

So this weeks Listography is 'Top 5 Things I'd Change About My Wedding Day'.

Dear Kate,

1. Make sure you try your underwear on with your wedding dress before the morning of your wedding. This will save you from ending up with masking tape holding your boobs in place on your big day.

2. There is no need to run up the aisle. Everyone will still look at you and continue to look at you for the duration of the service so legging it to the top of the church will not result in nobody seeing you. It will just add to the odds of you tripping over.

3. Don't believe your mother that 80 bottles of wine are required for 90 guests. This is not a good ratio and will result in her staggering out the door at the end with an armful of almost full open bottles.

4. When your DJ double books don't listen to your friend who says he has a cousin that will step in for 50 quid. Said cousin will take your carefully compiled list of music requests, then arrive at the reception with a laptop and 'wacky' shirt and instead play the likes of 'Oh Mickey you're so fine'. Twice.

5. Make sure the Best Man rehearses his speech first. It will save you having to tell him to 'wrap it up' whilst your new husband is busy with his shovel digging a hole in the floor to hide in.

And just because it's my list I'm going to add one more -

6. Don't drink too many double whiskeys whilst head banging to Nirvana. You won't make it to the after party and you will be too hungover to move the next day.

So that's it, hope this has been useful to you. Good luck on your big day and watch out for that whiskey.


I'll hand it over to you guys now. Write your 'Top 5 Things I'd Change About My Wedding Day' post on your own blog with a link back to here and then add your details to the linky below.

Oh and feel free to add any embarrassing photos. I tried but couldn't find any of our wedding day pics at all.

That's bad isn't it...?

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