Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(Another) 10 things you may not know about me

I've been asked by Gruminator and Grocery Dad to join in with the Kreative Blogger meme that's going around by listing 10 facts about myself.

I think I can do that.

1.  I traveled to Australia on my own when I was 24 and met my husband to be within the first two weeks.

2. I once took my 6 month old baby to a White Stripes gig.

3. Whiskey turns me into an asshole.

4. I worked in Sydney, London and New York fixing in-flight entertainment systems on British Airways planes.

5. When I lived in London Harrods was my corner store.

6. Myself and my husband spent 3 months island hopping in Thailand. On our last stop I was felt up and flashed at by a dirty old man when I was alone in our hut.

7. I've just started doing Yoga and totally love it.

8. When I'm excited I get migraines.

9. I spent 6 months in Mexico doing voluntary work when I left University.

10. My brother is a monk

I'm supposed to tag 10 people but I'm leaving it open to the floor instead. Enjoy!


  1. Your life has been so eventful Kate! I'm a bit concerned about the perv in Thailand though :( x

  2. Wow - you've had fun! And good to get the young uns into decent music as early as possible!

    I had that same perv in France! He gets about - scumbag!!

    Your brother's not really a monk is he? ;D X

  3. Wow what an exciting life!!! Love that you took your baby to the White Stripes concert! And I think BA could use your skills now more than ever!

  4. oooh liking Harrods as a corner store :-)

  5. Wow that isn't your usual 10 things!!! I love Harrods even though I can only ever afford Krispy Kreme's from the food hall ;-) xxx

  6. my sister lives in mexico. where did you go? xx p.s white stripes-cool!!!

  7. Your brother is a monk. Love that fact. Does he brew fantastic beer?

  8. No but my Dad used to. In fact I remember a time when he bought so many home-brew kits we made walk in houses out of the boxes..


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