Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mumford and Me

A very strange thing happened to me this weekend. I went on, not one, but two grown up nights out. In a row.

I know I said grown up there, and yes I was with grown ups, but in truth the behaviour was anything but.

The first night out was with my sisters and friend. I'd like to say we started out civilly - however I can not tell a lie.

Bulmers on the Dart (you know you can get arrested for that).

We were off to see the gorgeous Mumford & Sons in my favourite venue ever - The Olympia Theatre in Dublin

Pic courtesy of MusicScene.ie

So there were four of us girls out for the night. Did you know there are four band members in Mumfords?

Bagsie the keyboard player

The night out went something like this pub - grug - pub - gig - pub. The Mumfords were, naturally, fabulous. However I believe I was on the whiskey for the majority of the night and do recall swatting some unfortunate young lad on the back of the head at some stage for misbehaving. Very middle-aged mother of 3 behaviour I think you'll agree.

Anyway the taxi rescued us and took us home - but only after 3am had been and gone, along with most of my brain cells.

Suffice to say the next night was more subdued. Seventeen old friends out for dinner with free passes from the kids for a night - what could possibly go wrong?

I'll leave that to your imagination but I'll just say that when I left the party there were shots and Strawberry Space Dust involved.

So, I think that'll probably do me for another 6 years or so. Unless the Mumfords come calling of course.
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