Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Listography - Pet Hates

Listography is late this week. Which brings me rather nicely to this weeks theme - Pet Hates. I know you all have them, I do too, and number one on my list is:

1. Lateness
You told me you'd meet me at 8 o'clock. I rushed the kids bedtime, threw on an outfit I wasn't happy with and ended up with mascara in my hair but I was there at 8 o'clock! You sauntered in 20 minutes late looking immaculate and asking if I'd been waiting long. 'YES. SINCE FUCKING 8 O'CLOCK!!'
Disclaimer: I realise Listography is late this week but I don't suppose any of you were actually dressed up waiting at your computer with a rapidly disappearing drink sending pretend texts so you didn't look like Billy No-mates.

2. Rudeness
There are many forms of rudeness but the one that really gets the rage going is drivers who don't thank you for letting them in to a busy lane of traffic, or letting them turn first when you have right of way. These drivers are almost always women driving BMWs.

3. Baby On Board Stickers
At the risk of upsetting 90% of my readers I couldn't help but include this. Why oh why do people feel the need to use these? Do you think if you don't have one someone will see your car and cry 'Ha - no baby in that car. I think I'll ram it just for the hell of it'. I have recently heard of the very worrying phenomenom of Baby On Board stickers being produced for pregnant women to wear on public transport. Speechless.

4. Cold Callers
Phone is bad. Door is worse. I'm in my pjs, I'm tired, I'm grumpy, I'm sitting in my own home - do you really think I want to talk to you about Dogs Trust? Now I feel sorry for the pouches who's lives I'm not saving and guilty that I shouted at someone who's just trying to earn a living doing a job that frankly nobody would want to do. Great. That's another evening ruined then.

5. Cyclists.
(Sorry Liam). Maybe it's the lycra. Maybe it's the arse in my face for 10km on a winding road. Mostly it's the cycling two or three abreast on a small road that means I have to either stay behind you until Thursday or overtake you and risk killing my family. Though if a car was coming in the opposite direction you know which way I'd swerve don't you?

This is possibly the easiest list I've ever written. I could go on and on, but I have a feeling you may fill in the blanks for me....

If you want to join in you know what to do. Write your list on your on blog, come back here and post your details in the linky below and then go and read some of the others so you can get all worked up once again.


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